• In case customers receive products directly at NIKENKO

- For customers who come to buy goods at NIKENKO Trading Import & Export Co., Ltd. You will receive the goods directly.

- Please check the goods carefully, compare the product with the sales receipt before leaving. We will not be responsible for complaints about product types, quantity, or money orders after you leave.

  • In case customers order online

With the desire to provide the most convenient and fastest online shopping experience for customers at our nationwide delivery policy is applied as follow:
- For invoices of 3 products or more, the shipping fee will be completely FREE.

- For invoices under 3 Items with the shipping fee as follows:

Ho Chi Minh City 20,000 VND 

Other provinces: 30,000 VND

This transport policy is applied to all provinces, districts, communes, and centers to remote areas. In the event that customers, when receiving the goods, is still charged with the shipping fee, please notify NIKENKO Company at Hotline: (+84)2862769908. We will provide maximum support to customers.

Notes: Please "Check goods directly upon receipt of goods" from the delivery staff. If there is a problem related to the type, quantity, model or quality of the goods not as in the order. Please notify us immediately to coordinate the handling. If there is no problem, please receive the products and sign the delivery note.

NIKENKO would like to sincerely thank our customers for your support and companionship!